Prayer Requests

We come from many different backgrounds, traditions, cultures, and belief systems, but we are all one family, united in the One Love of God.

What happens to one of us affects all of us.

Prayer is a powerful energy. As Christians, we do not equate prayer with magic. Prayer is an outward and an inward expression of faith. Prayer is a means of openning ourselves to God's Voice and opening our hearts to the presence of Christ in one another. We use prayer to focus our minds, to nourish our spirits, to surrender to God our doubts, fears, judgments, struggles, grief, confusion, contrition, and pain that they may be transformed into hope, joy, courage, forgiveness, comfort, and peace.

Prayer is simultaneously personal and communal. By remembering one another in prayer and contemplation, we grow closer as a community of faith, rooted in unconditional love.

Please join us in a prayer for all of the intentions listed here. If you have a joy or a struggle that you would like
to add to the list, use the Prayer Request form located to the right.


Requests are typicaly posted to this message board within 24 hours, once approved; thanks for your patience. Requests remain for a month.

Please liimit prayer requests to 100 words or less(longer requests will be redacted as "For the needs and special intentions of ______"

In our faith tradition, Prayer is a means of self-awakening, communion with God, and a means to connect with all life around us, a means for strength, a means for faith. Prayer is not magic and we are challenged not to equate prayer with making wishes to a genie in a lamp. We appreciate that many would pray for a winning lottery ticket, or a favorable outcome for a sports team, but these requests will be redacted with the following language: "For a special intention"

Requests containing foul language, insults, requests to bring pain to others, and all other defamatoary, violent, or inappropriate content will not be allowed and may be forwarded onto proper authorities for follow up. 

Requests that contain detailed, sensitive information about someone other than the person submitting the request will be redacted into a more generalized request.

We ask that last names not be used, except in the case of a loved one's death 

We know this board is available  worldwide. We do allow requests in your native language, but these requests are subject to the same guidelines and will be reviewed for content. 

Join us in prayer for this month's requests:

  • I request prayer for my father for healing and family problems.

  • Please pray for healing for a woman's arm and wrists.

  • Asking for complete and total wholeness and healing throughout my body.. and also financial blessings, prosperity, wisdom, and God's grace for me! Thank you!

  • Kindly please pray, by the mercy and grace of the most high Lord, that a man may be healed of his psychotic schizophrenia illness, suffered for past 14 years. Thank you very much.

  • For a woman to be healed of sinus infection and pain in her eyes due to glaucoma, and for a man to be healed in his heart and lungs, and from depression, and anxiety. For him to have great strength and hope.

  • Hi i would love to ask you some prayers for a special intention that is very important for me, if you could pray a Hail Mary that would really help me. God bless you enormously.

  • Hello, my mother. Please pray for our family's spiritual protection, healing, to be covered with the blood of Christ and sheltered under Holy Mother`s mantle of protection. Can this please be on the long term prayer list? Thank you!

  • Something puts pressure on my teeth. It is painful and causes hearing loss. Please ask God to stop the source of it. Please pray that I am healed and protected. Thank you.

  • Direction or healing regarding chronic abdominal pain

  • Please may you pray for my daddy. He will have oncological operation in this week, on 11-13 May (I dont know exactly day). I am so worried. Thank you very much!!Thank you!!

  • Pray for a miracle, wife, in hospital with something wrong with her brain & cancer, that she receive all the healing she needs to be restored to full health in mind & body easily & completely

  • Please pray for the family of my sister and her husband and his father, formerly a priest, who passed away early Easter morning after much suffering. Please pray for him that he is with the Lord. Please also pray for his wife and their many other sons and daughters and their families. Also bring comfort to the kids having lost a second grandparent in just barely over a year. Please pray for my sister's strength to help her husband through this time, after we endured a great traumatic loss of her and my mother a year ago. Give my dad, sisters. Our kids. and I stength to support and his family while we also are all still grieving my Mom ( including because he loved her very much). Thank you for your prayer!

  • Please pray that God heals me from hypertension and HPV. I believe by his stripes I am healed. I pray for a turnaround and complete healing in the name of Jesus Christ. I will be having my second colposcopy done in a few week. I also need healing in my blood vessels, thank you.

  • My husband has lost his job since 3 months. We are with no, visas, no money left. We can’t send our kids to school. People have taken money from us at their time of need and haven’t returned it, they don’t answer our calls. We are on the verge of selling off our house things. There are days where we sit and cry and are so helpless. Please pray for us as we are in desperate need

  • Please pray for continued healing in all areas for 3 people with very serious illness and their family. One of them is still fighting for their life. Please pray for God's guidance and protection and for a very strong awareness of His Presence, and that He is with them through this whole thing. Please pray for the family and staff to work together in love and to get the people and help that they need to heal. Please pray for them all to fulfill the calling that God has on their lives. Please pray that God changes what was meant for bad for His glory. Thx so much. God, please Bless you

  • Hello ı am 41 from Turkey ı have a serious mental sick ı need Jesus healing immediately because ı decided to kill myself ı can not keep go on anymore please Jesus heal me and pray for me thanks I NEED JESUS healing please pray for me PLEASE JESUS HEAL ME AND HEAR MY VOICE OF CRYING

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