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Survey - Pastoral Planning

Posted on April 05, 2021 in: Parish Community Special Event

Survey - Pastoral Planning

Happy Easter,

            As we celebrate Christ’s Resurrection we also recognize the love and the life that he offers each of us.  Celebrating this in the season of spring we also are reminded of this new life in the buds and blossoms on trees and flowers coming out of the ground.  Hopefully we are also getting to a time we see new life in our society.  As many are able to get the vaccine for the virus and I pray that our number of cases, and especially serious cases, continue to decrease we also look for new life in our ability to gather as a community.  Please be respectful of one another as we realize some are vaccinated and feel ready to go back to fairly normal lives, while others have not been out of their homes much for over a year now and even if vaccinated have a chance of catching the virus, so our good practices to inhibit the spread of the virus will need to be continued for now, but hopefully we will be able to lessen those restrictions soon.

            One way we are looking at growing and seeing new life in our parish as we celebrate our 150th year this year is through our Pastoral Planning Process.  It began a few weeks ago with our Visioning ZOOM Meetings where parishioners discussed the past of our parish, identifying our Strengths, and looked towards the future, listing our Aspirations.  While many participated in these meetings, we would still like the participation and input of all of our parishioners as we look to the future of our parish and are hoping this survey will be a means to receive your input. 

           The survey is in the bulletin, here, on our parish website (, and you can respond via e-mail, drop our collection baskets, mail, or drop it off at the parish office.  Instructions are given on the survey and you will see below an example of how to fill it out.  While we are only mailing one copy to each family feel free to use other copies and it would be great if each adult in your home filled one out.

            Whether you have been coming to church regularly, praying with us on live-stream, or have been away for a while, I hope this Easter you feel welcome to be an active member of our parish.  Your participation and prayer with us make our celebrations greater.  Please also keep in your prayers and welcome those from RCIA who’ve joined the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil, and let their conversion inspire you in your faith.  May you experience and share the love of God with others this Easter and may the joy of Easter be with you today, and every day.

Peace and Joy,

                        Fr. Nick



X   Strengths                                                          Ranking (1-2-3)

_x_ Lifeteen Mass & Music                                        __2__

_x_ Adoration                                                            __3__

_x_ Mass Schedule                                                   ____

__  Projected Text on Wall                                        ____

_x_ Priests Homilies/Availability                                 ____

_x_ Music Quality & Variety                                       __1__

_x_ Other: __Prayer team blessings after Mass_       ____

Please find the Survey attached below this letter. If you would like to email it in, please email it to: 

There will also be special boxes prepared in the back of church for you to drop off your completed survey.

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