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Message from Fr. Mitch

Dear Leaders of Assumption Parish,
In a particular way these days I have been praying for a listening heart; indeed the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  I find most often I fully intend to listen to others when I am in meetings, small or large.  But when the conversations are difficult or problems emerge which cannot be easily solved I can become defensive.  I am more aware of my desire to say the right thing and less aware of what others may be saying to me.

Your leadership in the ministry of Assumption Parish is vital to our mission together.  And it is our relationships with each other that are more important than anything we do, even as what we do is also important to the mission.  It is often difficult to remain connected to one another while the demands to complete projects seem never ending.  But every effort we make to truly understand one another will draw us closer to the Heart of Christ, the same Christ we bring to the world through our ministries.

I trust you will find encouragement for the profound mission you are so beautifully living through the way you love one another.  And I hope you may find a bit of challenge to an even deeper listening among us.  God bless you.  


News You Can Use  December  In this beautiful season of Advent it is important for us to slow down even as the world invites us to run like crazy.  I commend to you Mary as a companion for the Advent journey.  Her "yes", "Let it be done unto me according to Your word," and her Magnificat, "My soul magnifies the Lord," can be our prayer.  I share with you these Beatitudes of Communication from Dr. Tom Wagner, entitled, "Guidelines of Engagement."  These tools can help us to stay in communion and connected with one another as the world seems to divide us and leave us disconnected sometimes.  God bless you.